Danger of Slipping on Slick Floors?  

Giorgin® anti-slip system is the remedy!

More than 60% of all accidents are due to slipping and falling. Slick floors are the no. 1 risk of accidents in all areas of everyday life! Of course, this especially applies to wet floors. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Giorgin® is a specialist solution provider for slick floors.

As the only company worldwide, Giorgin® can look back on many decades of experience in the field of floor safety. Already back in 1927, Giorgin, a chemical company in those days, produced anti-slip agents for all floor types consisting of waxes and emulsions. For 18 years now, Giorgi concentrates on the absolutely safe treatment of all floor types. Guaranteed.

Giorgin® anti-slip systems have a vast range of application on the most varied floor materials.

Giorgin® anti-slide systems are already available over our selling partner
in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Romania, Poland and Hungary.

We still grant exclusive distribution rights worldwide
for "Giorgin
® Anti-Slip-Systems".
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